Comics and Medicine

Comics and medicine, aka graphic medicine, uses the medium of comics to explore sickness and health. I fell in love with graphic narratives (graphic novels, memoir, and other forms of graphic creative non-fiction) while my mother Alice lived with us during the middle stages of dementia. Alice fell in love with them too. Watching her eat up every graphic narrative that came into our house made me certain that I wanted to use a medium that someone with dementia could access to tell our story. As young ones, our visual capacities long precede the acquisition of words. The same is true as people gradually lose cognitive function with dementia. I know this much to be true: graphic storytelling captures the complexity of life and death, of sickness and health. Going back and forth between the subconscious and conscious, between the visual and the verbal, lets us tap into our collective memories, an essential element of storytelling. When we meet through story, we heal.