I aM A Bird

Celebrate the bonds between fathers, sons, and nature with this lovely, sun-drenched debut picture book.

I am a bird. I glide
into arms open wide.
I’m the hands that hold
and the eyes that shine…
when it’s you
and it’s me
and the sea

A boy and his father spend their day at the beach, exploring the shore, the sand, the water, and everything in between. The result is a warm, elegant celebration of nature, connection, and the myriad relationships formed all around us.


“A sweet and immersive appreciation of nature and family time together. Perfect for one-on-one and small group sharing.” – School Library Journal

“Imaginative children could take this idea far; so could teachers covering homonyms and metaphors.” – Kirkus Reviews

“A free-verse poem that celebrates the way that nouns can become verbs . . . a prompt that can start children off on a search for other words that work in the same way.” – Publishers Weekly

Story Walk

New Hanover County has chosen I Am a Bird for its Storywalk program. The pages of the book will be installed along a trail with actions/activities to match the text.