Sharing what I know about writing, art, and anthropology with people of all ages is one of my passions. My books, Like Water on Stone, a verse novel about the Armenian Genocide, and Aliceheimer’s, a graphic memoir about life with my mother before and during dementia, provide entry into a broad range of social justice issues.  Even my picture book I Am a Bird contributes in this way. In the time of #metoo and global warming, this breaks male gender stereotypes and celebrates out connection to the earth through a father and son’s beautiful day at the beach.   

From genocide prevention, to exploring human made boundaries and divisions, to reframing dementia as a diversity issue, and to finding light and humor in an incurable degenerative disease, I believe in the power of stories to heal. I can visit with you by speaking at your event, at your school, or by providing workshops as part of a conference or more extended program. I offer hands-on interactive sessions, book talks, as well as readings and more formal presentations tailored to your audience. Health topics can be tailored to meet professional development requirements for a variety of health practitioners.   For book groups that have chosen to read one of my titles, I also offer a 20-30 minute Skype visit or chat.

Recent Talks & Workshops

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